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Early Years

Exceptional Education

Exceptional Well-being

Emotional well-being is a priority for all our pupils and particularly when children first start at our school. Our priority is to ensure that they are happy and feel secure so that the best learning can take place naturally. We aim for our Early Years department to be a home from home, replicating a familiar caring environment. The highly skilled staff take great care in creating a personal and nurturing atmosphere for children and their families to thrive in. During the day opportunities arise when children learn to empathise with others and resolve differences amicably. They are provided with the best start in school life to enable them to flourish socially and academically.

Exceptional Learning

Children have fun learning experientially through carefully planned play whilst immersed in English. The exciting curriculum is designed to maximise children’s natural curiosity and creativity. The children develop an enthusiasm to learn taking part in activities inspired by their own interests. Teachers have high expectations of all pupils and will support them to develop methods of enquiry that promote critical thinking. All the teaching is personalised to meet individual needs enabling the children to fulfil their potential.

Exceptional Environments

We know that the environment plays a key role in children’s development. Our classrooms are spacious, bright and homely, with direct access to the outside area and toilets. The classrooms are purposefully arranged to encompass different areas which stimulate and maximise children’s learning. All our classrooms include a quiet reading area and a themed role play area for the children to develop their imaginative skills, whilst re-enacting their own experiences. Equally important is the outdoor learning area. The setting provides an idyllic extension to the indoor environment where the children benefit from moving freely about larges spaces, learning to understand and respect nature.

Every Child is Unique

We know that children develop in individual ways, at varying rates and have their own learning styles. All the activities are personalised to ensure every child achieves outstanding progress.

Immersion In English

By being immersed in English environment the children they develop the language as naturally as they do their home language. Equal importance is given to Spanish and go on to excel in both languages.  

Areas of Learning

In Early Years, the areas of learning are organised into themes so that the optimal cross curricular approach is achieved.  The areas of learning include

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language in Spanish and English
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

At the centre of our Early Years curriculum is the development of their social skills that enable them to become responsible, social citizens that determine their success later in life. Practitioners dedicate great care and attention to coach children in managing their feelings, helping them to learn to resolve their differences amicably.

The thematic approach to the curriculum allows teachers to include as many real-life opportunities as possible. As a direct result the children enjoy a wide variety of trips to the theatre, museums, farms, and many other places enabling them to broaden their knowledge of the world around

Our Families and

The School Community

Our families are central to our school and we operate an open-door policy. We believe it is vital to have frequent communication between families and school to ensure the successful development of our children. Families are welcomed into school for many events and activities to learn about the children’s educational experience in school. Class open mornings, assemblies and concerts are just some of the ways that you will be able to see your child demonstrate their achievements and ability to perform in public. Regular presentations to families take place which provide information about different areas of the curriculum including how we teach reading and writing. The school community also provides opportunities to increase awareness of the current issues of the wider world we live in. Pupils consider environmental and social issues appropriate to their age and we encourage families to support us with this when the pupils participate in solidarity events and activities.


Children learn through having fun. The classes are filled with positive energy. You will often find the children spontaneously singing or breaking out into a skip. Children learn through a combination of child-led and adult initiated activities. The activities are designed specifically to engage and excite, challenging the children comfortably to reach beyond their goals.

The learning atmosphere is calm and respectful. Praise and encouragement, as well as celebrations and rewards, to foster this positive attitude to learning. Children are skilfully supported by their teachers to continuously extend their learning. Children’s academic and social progress is closely monitored through observation and assessment so that teachers can identify what the individual child’s next steps in their learning are. Parents receive regular information about their child’s development through meetings and reports.


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