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Distance Learning

At The English School of Asturias we have developed our distance learning programme to ensure that all students are able to advance in concept-based learning from confinement.

We have chosen to balance online sessions with well-structured activities that can be completed individually or with learning partners, to avoid excessive screen-based classes and to ensure that advanced technological skills are finely balanced with soft skills and independent, project-based learning.

Google Classrooms have long provided a pillar for e-learning in our school from the upper end of the Primary phase to Sixth Form, but we have extended the access to our younger students, along with the continued use of Bug Club and Fiction Express to support reading online from Infants through to early Secondary.

Younger children access learning through Flipgrid and children in the early Primary phase can leave messages on Padlet, to stay in touch after class - all monitored closely by the Primary teachers. 

Our Secondary media studies and art teachers have created a blog for students to share some inspiring art and multimedia work during confinement. These blogs will become a staple of our school’s creativity, even when we return to the classroom. 

We celebrate providing safe and purposeful opportunities for every student to continue a love of learning from home, whilst encouraging investigation, applied thinking and collaborative learning through well- structured challenging tasks.



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